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Broad perspective and vision

Businesses around the world are facing problems and crisis. Whether they are caused by economic recession, bank failures, slumping real estate market or changes in legislation. The conditions of doing business changes rapidly. We will give you the full picture of each country‘s political and economical situation. Our experts will provide information about audit requirements, possibilities of bank account opening, relevant international legal obligations related to the country of choice and will also advise and help the filling out of forms for founding, provision of financial statements and bank account opening. After all, it is very important for each of our clients to comply with the requirements of international and local legislation and ensure compliance with their legal standards.

Company creation and maintenance

We specialize in international companies formation and incorporation. Our advice regarding these companies are the most detailed and the most complete. We can give you valuable opinion about your company‘s management and structure. It is our responsability to advise you on the most flexible and most favorable incorporporation laws around the world whether you are interested in global assets protection, privacy, tax minimization, investment diversification and convenience.

Bank account opening worldwide

Whether you are interested in setting up a personal bank account, or are looking to create a international corporation with corporate bank account, we can help. We work with top-notch banks all around the world. We can assist you to setup a bank account with convenient online banking, credit and debit cards, multi currency banking and more. We have done extensive research to ensure that the recommended financial institutions are secure, stable and reputable. Our experience in creating international bank accounts is a vast one undoubtedly. Contact us and get a free international banking consult today.


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In the modern world, where many countries and banks exchange data about their customers and the most critical private information is transmitted via internet, significancy of issues of confidentiality and data protection rises to the extreme hights. We value the trust of our customers, therefore we focus on the technical aspects of ensuring secrecy. We use closed communication channels, where information can be transmitted both verbally and in writing, we recommend reliable banks with good reputation and use paid services of trusted partners around the world.

We bring a wide range of professional knowledge to our clients needs. Our team is made up of professional legal consultants and attorneys who are experienced in the international business laws and understand the international investment and asset protection strategies. For more than two decades we are guiding our clients through the international legislation, companies formation and management, assets protection and investments diversification.

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